Editorial and Design Services for Publishers and Writers

About the Studio

Mighty Sword is a boutique writing and design studio devoted to helping publishers, writers, and artists bring their work to readers. From manuscript consultation to a full range of editing services, from innovative interior design for books and journals to stunning covers, from print bids to production management, we bring award-winning craftsmanship and individual attention to projects for publishers of every size, and writers at all stages of their careers.

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About our Creative Director

Paulette Livers’s publishing and visual arts career includes over twenty years as an art director and book designer for publishing companies around the US, and a varied freelance career serving the book and magazine industries, as well as companies and individuals in many fields. As Creative Director at Mighty Sword Studio, she brings her expertise to fine book design, editing, and helping publishers, writers, and artists bring their work to the printed page.

To learn more about her fiction and nonfiction writing, please visit PauletteLivers.com