Writers and publishers who have worked with Paulette have this to say:

"Paulette Livers has  worked with me on both of my novels, and it was like having a fan and an editor and a coach rolled into one. She never just told me what worked and what didn’t; she asked smart, penetrating questions that helped me see it for myself. She knows how to do a book the same way a DJ knows how to do Saturday night." – Michael Poore, Author of the novels Reincarnation Blues (Del Rey) and Up Jumps the Devil (Ecco).

"Paulette Livers has been instrumental in helping me hone and shape several of my published stories, including my recent novella, Day of All Saints, and current novel manuscript. Every piece of writing I've shared with her has benefited from her careful, close reading and generous insights. I always come away from reading Paulette's comments with clearer eyes for seeing my own work and a better understanding of where I want to take it." —Patricia Grace King, Outsider Art

"Paulette Livers is all one could desire in an editor. She works on every level at once, from the technical to the emotional to the political; Livers pares away the useless fluff and reveals the meaningful core of one's writing. I've rarely met anyone with a more careful eye or a more rigorous pen. Highly recommended!" —Riva Lehrer, Golem Girl

"It’s such a relief to have reliable feedback. I wish I had done this long ago. It’s giving me more confidence in my project." —Donna DiGiuseppe Matcovich, author of Lady in Ermine: A Story of the Woman Who Painted the Renaissance

"Thank you so much for editing my essay. After reading your comments and editorial letter, I suddenly see what's missing—and where to go with the story." Jane Madembo, author of The History of Racism I Didn't Want to Share (New York Times)

What other writers say about Paulette's writing, and her novel Cementville

“Paulette Livers is the real thing—a blazing talent with a fierce intelligence and a big heart, big enough to encompass a horrible tragedy and the inner life of an entire community. She has written a brilliant and deeply compassionate study of grief, violence, loneliness, and love. And her language sings. This is a stunning debut—a perfect novel with deep implications for our own time.” —Lee Smith, Guests on Earth

"Unflinching and clear, and beautifully written, Cementville manages to be what good books always are: a window into the true world, exhilarating and inspiring even as it faces into the dark." —Richard Bausch, Something Is Out There 

"Cementville gave me everything I want in a novel. The place and time period come alive on the page, the characters are as real as all the people I know best, and I'm still thinking about them and their stories even though I finished the book several days ago. This is just simply a beautiful novel, and it could only be written by someone with a very large heart. I'll be recommending it to everyone. Paulette Livers has made me feel that special thrill that I've never gotten from anything but great fiction." —Steve Yarbrough, The Realm of Last Chances

Cementville is a tremendous debut novel. How Paulette Livers is able to maintain her light touch while taking on the era of the Vietnam War—with its seismic worldwide effects—is nothing short of genius. With its beautiful, wounded characters, its startling insights into their private hearts, and frequent flashes of humor, this book is one of the best novels I've read in a long while.” —Christine Sneed, Little Known Facts


“Paulette Livers opens her characters’ experience, both physical and psychological, to the reader. A wealth of sense detail makes the far-flung worlds of the story—past/present; Vietnam/America; war/peace—utterly real. Things are not only seen, heard, smelled, touched, tasted; they are felt. Filtered through the characters’ perceptions, each detail simultaneously delivers both the external world and the characters’ inner lives. Like a potter at her wheel, one hand inside the growing vessel and one hand outside, Livers builds a beautifully structured tale. The finished shape contains both love and loss, with compassion for all concerned.” —Ann Harleman, The Year She Disappeared

"Livers paints a compelling portrait of a small Kentucky town, with its tragedies, pleasures, and crimes, with its fallen heroes, its agoraphobics, and its young lovers. Her prose crackles as it traces the uneasy lives of the folks of Cementville.” —Bonnie Jo Campbell, Once Upon a River

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